Friday, December 21, 2012

Year End Greetings

Caboose Coffee would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for continuing to support me in portraying that small slice of Canadian Railway History we were all so fortunate to have witnessed, in one form or another. 
As an early 'Baby Boomer," and the son of a railroader, I was most favoured to have experienced the last few years of steam powered trains, and the introduction of diesel power to the rails.  Equally blessed with the opportunity to be hired by the Canadian National Railways, whose officers and fellow employees gave me instruction, mentoring and protection, sometimes from myself, I survived to retire on a railway pension, to live out my days writing my stories so that you might share in my successes and failures along the way.
Caboose Coffee is taking a little time off for family (new grandson of 8 months, Ethan),
 but we'll all get together again in the New Year.  Yes, I'm confident that the Mayan's simply ran out of room on their calendar when they got to 12-12-21...!
So, from our house to yours......,
Bruce and Susan Harvey
Duncan, BC


Zartok-35 said...

Happy holidays, Mr. Harvey. You're stories are wonderful!

Bruce said...

Thank you very much, my friend. I hope you'll come back again. You'll be welcome here anytime.


BArailsystem said...

Just finished reading all your stories and enjoyed every one. Thank you so much for sharing your unique perspective on Canadian railroading! Looking forward to more stories and a cup of fresh hot coffee in the caboose. (I picture a brand new steel CN Pointe St. Charles with smoke lazily drifting out of both chimneys.)

All the best in 2013!


Bruce said...

Greetings Ben! That's a nice 'visual' you have of fresh coffee being poured from the pot in a PSC caboose. With both stoves working, I get the feeling that the crew is taking a break after plowing and spreading the main line and all the backtracks and wyes on the subdivision. We're all gathered for a hot mug of coffee before tying up for the night. Nice.